Norbert Philipp Gernjak

„We use our many years of experience together with innovative technology to ensure that we find the best possible solution for every patient.“

Since I founded my dental technical business, I have pursued the vision of bringing the work of the dental technical laboratory closer to the medical services of a dentist’s practice.

By integrating the services of the “Dentists at the Belvedere” with our in-house dental laboratory, we have made this vision reality. Thereby, we are able to provide the highest quality to our patients.
As head of the dental practice as well as the in-house dental technology lab, I don’t only have many years of experience in the fields of dental technology and medical research, but also broad dentistry-related know-how.

I combine our team of doctors, dental technicians, and the latest digital technology to be able to offer our patients the best possible service in a one-stop shop.
This includes an individual consultation tailored to the patient’s wishes and ideas – also in digitized form.

My goal: Through empathy with our patients and cooperation within our highly specialized team, I aim to provide individual solutions and win our patients’ smiles.